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Bruce Allan

Bruce Allan

Founding Partner | Creative

About Bruce

Running the content production and creative side of the business, Bruce has produced and directed TVCs for global corporations including Red Bull, McDonalds, Sony, Toyota and Fairfax Media. As a content creator his creativity and innovation comes to life in the TRIGGAR platform.


 +61 418 210 820,  +1 (415) 966-9218

Rob Allan

Rob Allan

Founding Partner | Technology

About Rob

With a background in Physics and programming Rob is the technical director for TRIGGAR. Previously contracted by large corporations and Government Agencies for programming interactive software, his depth of experience is second-to-none. Rob was the head engineer of the team that developed the facial recognition software used by the Australian Federal and State Police Services. With his consistency in quality and detail in his work, Rob continues to produce astounding results.


 +61 402 909 909,  +1 (424) 321-9013

Montgomery Guilhaus

Montgomery Guilhaus

Lead App Developer

About Monty

With a background in gaming and programming Monty is the Lead App Developer for TRIGGAR. Having produced the iOS game Orbsorb with over 100,000 downloads in the first week and his latest release CubeCode, Monty continues to produce interactive and immersive software to be enjoyed by all. @TRIGGAR Monty is pushing the boundaries of that is possible with the Triggar platform and is constantly innovating.

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Augmented Reality


Augmented Reality (AR) extends our view of the real world. It enables us to interact with with objects in new ways.


Visualize, consume and comprehend complex data, instructions and information. Science Fiction dreamt it – AR delivers it.


Now with the combination of AR and Gamification we are heading towards a world where everyday tasks become fun and exciting. 

Our apps have reached

Video Downloads

Virtual Reality

With a comprehensive knowledge of optics and working with leading software engineers TRIGGAR has launched a US based partner company TRIGGARVR to develop a 360 degree VR camera system.

Mark Mathews 1

Mark Mathews The Right

Triggar, Garage Entertainment and Mark Mathews team up to shoot big wave surfing in Virtual Reality



Triggar team up with DiscoveryVR to shoot surf lessons with pro surfer Kyle Thiermann

Long Beach Day 1

Kelly Moss Long Beach Day 1

In-car footage from Indy Long Beach - Porsche GT3


Fun For Louis

Triggar team up with the Discovery Channel and Louis Cole to bring you amazing YouTube 360° Video Adventures.



Triggar team up with Jansport Bags to capture artists at work in 360°

Amway London

Amway London

360° Amway retail store tour

“The TRIGGARVR camera can shoot in any environment while solving the parallax error issues most 360° camera systems encounter when shooting in close environments, such as cars. Our end to end solution provides the ultimate 360 experience,  we have cracked the code and developed our own camera system, apps and gesture control interfaces. 360 is an exciting place to explore though like any technology it has to be the right fit for the brief.” – Bruce Allan

Facial Recognition

A facial recognition system automatically identifies and verifies a person from a digital image or video. Typically used in security systems our approach to facial recognition is more creative, exploring this data in new ways.

We can detect your gender, age and ethnicity, reporting on demographical information from an event or run a look alike competition at your point of sale. 

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